When Aastha Sharma first came to us for wedding invitations she was very specific about the kind of look she wants to achieve for her wedding invitations. Being a famous celebrity stylist that she is, we were sure that these invites are going in the hands of some really happening people. But the biggest challenge for us was how to please the taste of a celebrity stylist. So we followed the golden rule of focusing specifically on the brief given by her and Mohit Rai while bringing our typical inviluxe quality and finish to the table. The front of the card was kept plain and simple white by using a hammer textured fine paper with a small floral print and hand finished gold plated lettering of Aastha and Karan's names. The insides of the car told a totally different story. Floral print on vintage blue background imparted a very chic look to the card and also added the required color. The inserts were beautifully tied with a paper rope and custom printed tracing paper. There was a cavity for chocolate slab which was given as a wedding favour along with the invitations. Since Aastha wanted a very minimalistic look on the outside of the card, the paper bags were kept Plain White with a floral print using the same paper as the top cover jacket of the card box and also with a triple side handles.